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Client: Brian Rod

"I really appreciate the Decrypt feature, which allowed me having my document unprotected in seconds without even restoring the password."

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Adobe Acrobat Password Recovery

Try an effective PDF password remover for Mac to remove PDF password quickly

It is very important to protect PDF documents with passwords in order to keep them safe and inaccessible to any unwanted parties. But to great disappointment passwords are lost and forgotten so often. Losing a password is usually very inconvenient to the owner of an important documentation.

If you found yourself in such a situation, you surely need some tool that can remove PDF password from your important document and let you access it again. PDF security remover is an irreplaceable tool that will remove PDF password from your important file without demanding profound knowledge of computers from you.

adobe acrobat pdf password recovery mac

Wondering how to remove PDF password?

Remove "user" and "owner" password protection on Mac

PDF file can be protected with the passwords of two types: "Owner" and "User" passwords. "Owner" password will prevent the document from being copied, edited, or printed without entering the password, while without "User" password one won't be able to access the document at all. If you forgot those passwords you protected the file with, a special PDF password removal tool will brilliantly remove PDF password from the file. PDF password remover can decrypt the protected file right away and create an unprotected copy of it in case file was protected with "Owner" password only.

pdf password recovery software

Use different search methods to remove password

There are several methods of PDF password removal: by its length, by template, dictionary search, and exhaustive search. You will definitely find the dictionary search to be the fastest one, because it searches through various combinations and modifications of words in the dictionary in different cases. PDF password remover has its own dictionary of more than 400 000 words.

adobe acrobat pdf password recovery mac

Password history

PDF password remover saves all recovered passwords, so if you forget your password again, you don't have to remove PDF password this time, you just simply have a look at the recovery history. PDF security remover also offers a convenient view of PDF file info, which will tell you what type of password protects the document and lots of other important info.

pdf password recovery software

Have a look at the main benefits of PDF password removal tool:

You'll be definitely pleased to know that PDF password remover is available for Windows OS and for Mac OS X. Its demo version is fully functional, so that you can test all needed features before acquiring the software.

  • Remove PDF password that opens the document;
  • Remove PDF password that allows editing, printing, and copying the document content;
  • Get an unprotected copy of the file, in case "User" password is absent or known;
  • Search for password by its length, by custom template, by dictionary, or use exhaustive search;
  • Benefit from convenient password recovery history;
  • Remove digital signature;
  • Enjoy the friendly interface.

Full features list:

  • Supports Unicode passwords recovery
  • Adobe Acrobat software is not required
  • Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to v.9 with its 256-bit encryption
  • Recovers "User" password required to open the file
  • Recovers "Owner" passwords, which prevent PDF files from being printed, copied or edited
  • Creates decrypted copy of a file if "User" password is known
  • Optimized for multi-core computers, resulting in a faster and even more efficient password recovery.
  • Brute-Force search is used to recover the "owner" and "user" passwords
  • Offers several recovery methods: by password length, by template, by dictionary or exhaustive search.
  • You have a possibility to minimize the search time by specifying your own template - include or exclude lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, etc.
  • Decrypted file passwords can be viewed any time
  • View protected PDF file info: general (like file name, PDF version, enciphering, etc.), and more specific (revision, owner string, etc.).
  • Features digital signature removal
  • Drag and drop PDF files support
  • Flexible and user-friendly program interface

Demo version limitations:

  • The recovered password will only have 3 first symbols visible, the rest will be masked with "*"
  • File decryption is available if owner or user password was restored or user password is absent. However only first page will be decrypted and watermark will be applied to it.

Compatible with::

  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • macOS 10.7
  • macOS 10.8
  • macOS 10.9
  • macOS 10.10

Interface languages:

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